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Among the artists supporting this cause are both well-established, award-winning as well as gifted young painters originally from Singapore, India, Indonesia, France, Vietnam, Belgium, New Zealand, and the US.

Gloria Keh.jpg



Award-wining Singapore artist, participated in over 80 exhibitions both in Singapore and internationally, including Vienna, New York and Miami, with Gallery Steiner. Her works are acquired by collectors all over the world across Asia Pacific, Europe and USA. 

Gloria launched an art-based charity project, Circles of Love, in 2008, as an effort to raise funds for charities through art. This commendable effort led to the creation of "1000 SMILES – Art in the Service to Humanity" in 2012 another art-based project with the aim of annually reaching out to at least a 1000 of children living in villages, slums and refugee camps around the region. 

The ultimate factor that truly motivates Gloria to paint, is her relentless and wholehearted commitment towards charity. Proceeds from the sale of all her paintings are directed towards her charity work. This heart-wrenching fact about Gloria makes her an incarnation of the cosmic woman.

Donated Artwork: Opulence 
Collage & Mixed media on canvas
Size: 36 inches x 36 inches
90 cm x 90 cm
Year: 2020
Description: A collage using silk and embroidered fabrics with the auspicious imperial dragon, symbol of good fortune. Reds predominate, as this is considered a lucky color for many Asians.

Aarti Bartake.jpg



“My work aims to amaze, enthrall and engage the viewer".

An award winning Singaporean artist, Aarti Bartake wields her nature-inspired artworks as a form of expression that captivates people visually and emotionally.

Atmospheric and totally fascinating, her contemporary abstracts are internationally recognized and truly dynamic.

Inspired by her evocative work, Alain Vandenbroeck a Dutch piano music composer has created lilting musical pieces on some of her paintings.

Aarti Bartake’s emblematic work has been displayed at numerous International Solo and group art exhibitions. Held in Private collections worldwide, one of her paintings was recently featured in Singapore’s leading Lifestyle magazine – Tatler Homes. With an ever growing number of Gallery representation, an artwork of hers has found its way into the permanent archives of the prestigious ‘Haemgeumgang Theme Museum’ in Geoje, South Korea.

Donated Artwork: Freedom

Mixed media on canvas

90 cm x 90 cm

Year – 2016 

Description: "As the name aptly suggests, this lyrical abstract is ambiguous in nature, inviting the beholder to derive meaning in an unrestrained manner. As for me ‘The creator’, it invokes feelings of liberation and ecstasy as the white colored wings take flight into the unknown. The enigmatic flow from this piece is both breathtaking and calming. Brilliant use of contrasting colors and mixed media add much character in creating a Mesmerizing Masterpiece!"

Jennifer Chalken.jpg


New Zealand

Jennifer Chalklen is a contemporary realist artist from New Zealand, based in Singapore. Her practice is a gentle contemplation in a visual form, which results in a series of sublime works that are strongly representational in form, but somehow otherworldly in design. 

Symbolism is evident in her works, representing strength and unity. 

"When we reach to God in its simplest form, or to nature, or a paintbrush, we are reaching to parts within ourselves that enable us to connect softly to our surroundings and bring comfort to each other with a greater level of empathy and understanding." - Jennifer Chalklen  

Jennifer is represented by Addicted Gallery in Singapore and The Artist Room New Zealand and appears on Artsy as well as various online Art Platforms. She is the resident artist in an expanding number of premium bar and restaurants across Singapore including locations on Keong Saik and Holland Village, where she exclusively showcases her work to art lovers and wine aficionados.

Her works are held in private collections globally, including New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, San Francisco and Canada.

Donated Artwork: You touch the sides of my universe when we speak

Ink and oil on canvas 

Size: 100x100cm 

Year: 2020

Description: You touch the sides of my universe when we speak" is a homage to the vulnerability and invisible strength of the female experience. We feel more than we express and we know more than we are willing to say




Nasrine Chaoui is a Belgian Artist born in Canada and currently resides in Singapore.

From a very young age Nasrine was drawn to visual arts. Her sense of perception has been strongly influenced and guided by her mother, abstract Artist Marie-Jo Halein.

Over the years, Nasrine developed her own technique, she enjoys painting on wood surfaces as well as canvas while blending medias such as markers, oil, acrylic and pastel colors. Her work often results in revealing whimsical messages.


She seldom fixates on the end point of her work, but rather on the process of keeping the inspiration flowing. Her work usually makes use of bright colors, sheer lines and merging textures. Nasrine has previously exhibited her artwork at The Singapore Visual Arts Center, Instinc Soho gallery, Fort, Jag and a few of her paintings are currently being shown at Maison Ikkoku Singapore.

Donated Artwork: Pour Toi (For You)

Oil on canvas

Size: 47”x 67” (inches)

Description: This artwork was completed with more than a hundred shades of red. Every little square is reflecting a moment of our pathway through life. Every time we choose to love, we are threading a better tomorrow



Building a dialogue between History and Iconography, to reveal a snapshot of it in his works, is at the heart of Gabriel's artistic approach. By making historic news reports and prominent personalities respond to each other in a mirroring set up, he works towards a modernized resurrection of iconic images of the past. In doing so, he invites the public to remember to question how our contemporary icons are constructed.

Son, grandson, and great-grandson of historians, Gabriel has enriched his family’s legacy by dedicating months of research into each work, sourcing and gathering archived documents to create a lexical canvas with which his portraits correspond.

Sacred idols and historical figures from Napoleon to the Beatles, Mao, and Obama borrow from the emblematic clichés of Yousuf Karsh, among others. Gabriel also claims an influence of Pop Art in its systematic, disruptive, and deliberately accessible to all, far from any academic approach.

A curious and insatiable explorer, Gabriel looks to daily life for textures, tints, and techniques for his paintings. He weaves original archives into his work, with some documents dating back to the 17th century to understand the subtleties and fragilities of these historical news reports that have weathered centuries.

Donated Artwork: Portrait of Lee Kuan Yew (Red)

Size: 75 x 55 cms

Description: Hand painted acrylic portrait with serigraphy background on Shielh Paper

Shilpa Vishwanath.jpg



Award-wining contemporary artist. Her artworks won, among others, the Juror’s award in the prestigious SG50 Art Competition in Fort Canning, Gallery Ring Juror’s choice award in USA, and a prestigious critical acclaim in Louvre, France. Her work was the finalist in innovative art category of Global Art Awards 2018 in Dubai.

She draws her inspiration from regular practice of deep meditation and has developed a distinctive style of painting that highlights elements of nature with vivid colors. 

Contemporary challenges like climate change have made Shilpa reflect her feelings and emotions through her artworks. She attempts to instill hope and optimism to drive collective action to protect Mother Earth.

Shilpa is passionate about teaching art virtually to help everyone realize their creative potential especially during Covid19. She is into creating a sustainable art culture and helps young and adults learn and appreciate Art through her organization Shilpa Art Hub Pte Ltd in Singapore. She takes great pride that her students works are now featured regularly in schools and art exhibitions across the world.

Donated Artwork: Spring Bloom

Oils on canvas

90cmX 90cm

Description: Visualized a dream sequence of Pink plum blossoms with Chinese lamps to symbolize the spirit of endurance and courage. The blue backdrop symbolizes Earth ................ it will always remain in the pink of health!

Jan Larsen.jpg


United States of America

Since 2015, American abstract-expressionist painter and multi-media ‘Neo-Pop’ artist Jan Larsen has shown and sold his work to collectors, audiences, and press across the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Paintings in his Synchrony Series, likened in the press to the works of Jackson Pollack, Gustave Courbet, and Paul Cézanne, are meditations on modern society and our distributed marketplace – on connectivity, interconnectivity, and technologically-facilitated exchange, including cloud-computing, so-called 'fin-tech,' advertising and marketing messaging, and social media; reflecting on what Jan calls our progress toward being a “fully-distributed society.”

Today his production studio for Asia, located in River Valley near Robertson Quay, offers world-class works that are gaining notoriety in the press and the art world.

With his star on-the-rise, Jan is delighted to add his voice and one of his paintings to A MILLION DREAMS’ chorus supporting orphanages in Southeast Asia.

Donated Artwork: Synchrony 23 (Settled In)

Oil on wood panel

116cm square x 12cm (framed)

Description: Works in Jan’s Synchrony Series are meditations on modern society and our distributed marketplace – on connectivity, interconnectivity, and technologically-facilitated exchange, including cloud-computing, so-called ‘fin-tech’, advertising and marketing-messaging, and social media; reflecting on what Jan calls our progress toward being a fully-distributed society.

Rajul Shah.jpg



Award-wining artist inspired by the Japanese concept of Maah (a pause in time or interval in space), participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the ION Orchard Gallery in Singapore, the Royal Art Museum in Japan, the National Art Gallery in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and many more. Her artworks reside among private collections in the USA, Singapore, Japan, India, Hong Kong and Australia.

Rajul’s work is inspired by a deep desire to find calm and spiritual peace in the world. Having spent many years in the healthcare field, she has witnessed the close connection between emotional and physical well-being.  We can cultivate that state of well-being by surrounding ourselves with and sharing positive energy.   

Rajul’s intention is to create images that provide an escape from the hectic pace of life and offer a calming meditative experience. Her artwork renders a purposeful use of space.  This gives structure to the composition and allows for a harmonious relationship between form and non-form, or positive and negative space.  The “free” space allows for a reflective, in-depth and emotional interpretation of the painting in its entirety.  Rajul applies this concept in an unconventional manner using a variety of media and materials, such as Oil, Nihonga, Acrylic, Gold/Silver Leaf, paper and other textural compounds.  

Donated Artwork: Twin Journeys 

Acrylic on Wood Panel

49 x 33cm

Year: 2019

Description: Escape to distant shores for new adventures. In all of my travels I am always observing the landscapes and horizons through sun sets, sun rises and all the times between. Each place I’ve visited has offered a unique version of the Earth and Sky, which are captured in these works.

The Next Most Famous Artist.jpg



The Next Most Famous Artist, explores different artworks and mediums while spotlighting various social issues and highlighting the beauty of everyday life. The moniker was born as a reaction to the growing social media climate where virality and popularity have become the language of now. 

The artist is most notably known for his digital creations that depict classical art muses in modern-day Singapore in an attempt to embrace the uniqueness of its culture.

Donated Artwork: You can never be overdressed to go shopping

Size: 50 cm x 50 cm

Year: 2020

Description: The work was created specifically for "A Million Dreams" Charity Auction. It depicts the artist’s experience as a tourist in an Indonesian local market. Overall, the work aims to bring some light-hearted humour to people; adding joy, laughter, and positive thoughts to their day as they carry on with their lives.




Singaporean self-taught artist has painted over 70 street murals since 2015 when he started dabbling in art while holding a full-time Accounting job. 

His street murals often reflect realistic yet whimsical scenes of local life, especially of a bygone era. The murals’ realism and heritage theme are popular amongst residents and tourists alike. Communities also connected his art to other platforms for education, mental healthcare, and heritage conservation.

Yew Chong also dabbles in sketching, digital drawing, and canvas painting. He will be having two solo exhibitions in 2021, in January and February.

Donated Artwork: My Mother and I

Description: It depicts my mother and I wrapping dumplings in our old Chinatown house kitchen in 1979. I feel so lucky to have to have a loving mother and cherish every moment spent with her. I hope the funds raised through this painting will bring simple joys to the less fortunate orphans.

Acrylic on Canvas

61 x 61 cm

Year: 2020

Bang Truc.jpg



Truc was born in Hanoi in Vietnam and graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University in 1989. Following graduation, he became a member of the Hanoi young artist club and later went on to become a Lecturer of History of Fine Art in Hanoi Fine Art University. 

The works of Truc are introspective and atmospheric, with a minimalist approach; he captures the spiritual essence of nature. The purity of composition and meditative color scheme in Truc’s paintings recall the Zen-Buddhist philosophy that empty space is as important as an object. In keeping with this philosophy, the open space and monochromatic nature of the paintings leave the viewer in meditation. Truc usually lay in the search of a path toward a free artistic expression, transcendence beyond “the chaos of psychological conflicts in modern life”. For Bang Sy Truc, art comes from the soul, with an intimate relationship with our everyday life. Each image is imbued with sublimate thoughts leading to a deep aesthetic sensitiveness. Each artwork is a journey from life to art and back to life with new values and personal achievements. 

His art conveys the romantic simplicity and timelessness of Vietnam’s countryside landscapes. Part of its charm lies in how details of each scene gradually come into focus - streets, houses, lakes, and trees typical of Vietnam. And the nudes usually capture an innocent moment of daydream by the subject. 

Color, many layers of the same shade, is his tool of description. From within the monochromatic canvases of red, blue and green, subtle silhouettes emerge against the openness and space of the landscape. Like a dream lingering in the eye of the waking mind, his scenes recall a past memory.

Donated Artwork: Village in The Summer

Oil on Canvas

100 x 89.5 x 2.5 cm

I Made.jpg



I Made Wiguna Valasara’s works push the established boundaries of Balinese painting, which he first encountered as a child watching his uncle, the senior Balinese painter Nyoman Erawan, at work.


Valasara’s artistic trajectory has included explorations of colour and line ‘to create an optical illusion of space, volume and depth, experiments with collage in a wide range of materials, and the manipulation of the canvas ground to create dimensionality.


These investigations of multiple materials and surface structures were paralleled by recurring appraisals of the subjects of Valasara’s works, which swung from representations of recognisable Balinese themes to abstract or geometric patterning, and finally a return to figurative images including flora and fauna, iconic images from the Western art canon and quintessential Balinese scenes.

Conceptually this path reflected the artist’s initial rejection of his Balinese-ness and its associated ‘universe of symbols’, and a subsequent acceptance of his cultural heritage and the symbolism inherent in Balinese motifs and scenes.

Donated Artwork: Post Power Syndrome

Acrylic on Stuffed Canvas

200 x 200 cm

Year: 2009 




Born in 1974, Wayan Paramartha is an Indonesian modern & contemporary artist based in Bali. 

Paramartha’s paintings exude the mysterious and intangible charm of Balinese culture. Deep reds, yellows and oranges used capture the richness and depth of his Balinese society. 

His art speaks of the bonds that hold society together. The artist’s early childhood experiences of village life and the relationships formed between mothers, relatives and lovers are his main inspiration. Elements of Balinese performing arts also feature strongly in his works, notably Balinese dance. An integral part of the Balinese rites of passage, religious activities and festivals, dance showcases the highly regarded attributes of grace and bodily control.

These prized social qualities are exemplified in the gentleness and exceptional grace of Paramartha’s dancers. The very same qualities extend to all of his figures.

Donated Artwork: Bersama (Together)

Oil on Canvas

150 x 150 cm

Year: 2004 

Diah Yulianti.jpg



Born in 1973 in Rantau, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Studied painting at Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI) in Yogyakarta. Diah draws her inspiration from the cultural, social and spiritual richness of her native Kalimantan. Her paintings reflect her fascination with the spirit world. Diah’s work has been exhibited in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Algeria. Diah lives and works in Yogyakarta.

Donated Artwork: Spirit Angel 

Oil on canvas

Size: 90 cm x 65 cm




Low Hai Hong was the President of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association and a second generation Nanyang artist.

Born in 1941 in Indonesia, he grew up in Indonesia and moved to Singapore at the age of five. Low is well-known for his oil works that are technically sensitive and skilled.

Inspired by the life and landscape of Indonesia, Low depicted the fervour for life, demonstrating the vibrancy of marketplaces, the magnetism of festive ceremonial processions, the mystical Wayang Kulit, the dramatic tension of cockfighting and the back-breaking labour witnessed at the fishing villages.

“I believe in painting at the scene. It enables me to capture the fleeting shifts in the passing seconds, the movements and rhythms, the constant changes in the mood. Driven by a sense of urgency, the artist works spontaneously. All these enable the artist to capture the visual excitement of the moments” – Low Hai Hong.

Low Hai Hong has passed away in 2020. His family has graciously donated the artworks for "a Million Dreams" auction in his memory to continue his passion for contributing to the wellbeing of people through his works.

Donated Artwork: Keong Saik Road, Singapore 

Oil on Canvas 

38 x 47cm

Year: 1993




Priya Daniel is an award-winning eco-architect, urban designer and artist, whose style has been influenced by her life in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Donated Artwork: Catch 22 

Oil on Canvas 

92 x 61cm

Year: 2020

Description: In this artwork, Priya uses different creative mediums which is synonymous to mixing building materials to create vivid imagery that emphasizes the contrasts, yet remains homogenous and stays true to the story at hand. Marrying her passion for architecture and sustainability, she attempts to playfully interpret and explore the interaction and codependency of the two complementary disciplines through a cross-sectional drawing of a building that provokes the senses both if read horizontally or vertically.

This artwork is excluisvely curated for "A Million Dreams" Charity Art Auction.

Pronto Pixel.jpg



Pronto Pixel is Tamish Aswani, an artist based in Indonesia.

As a kid, Tamish was always fascinated with the ability to create imaginary worlds using only a pencil and paper. The rush of being able to bring his own stories and characters to life was the starting point for his undying love for illustration and typography.

Since then, Tamish has continuously expressed the vast universe of his mind through vector graphics, bringing into the world unique creations such as his character, the Island Hooligan, among others. While Tamish paves a path as an independent artist through Pronto Pixel, his brand Ageless Galaxy always reminds him to do 'Whatever it Takes' to bring more awesome into the world so he can make a mark in this never-ending galaxy.

Donated Artwork: Balance is Key (featuring The Island Hooligan) 

A1 size matte finish, framed with a slim / slick black frame

Description: I fell from a shooting star, from a galaxy not so far. Nourished by the earth and flourished be the sea. I live off the heat and don’t like no meat. I have a heart that is bright and never give up a fight. I have powers to consume your pain and happiness for you to gain. Some say I’m a friend, some say I’m a foe, it’s only up to you to know.



Daniel Peh, born in Singapore, has a degree in industrial design in NUS and a diploma in mechanical engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic of Singapore. His creative experience in R&D engineering design, industrial design, graphic design, and photography has nurtured his eclectic versatility as a graphic artist and designer. 

Daniel has a deep passion for the soul of art and founded REXICE in 2002 when his talent has been awarded the young inventor silver medal from Singapore. 

Trained in industrial design, R&D in design engineering (robotics & industrial automation), and photography (commercial & fashion), visionary as a creative futurist to achieve more revolutionary accomplishment with art & design, through the great inspiration of new vision, concept, and philosophy. 

Artistic nature & multidisciplinary skills acquired during his creative pursuits gave him the depth in identifying the importance of contemporary visual creation. 

Devoted to keeping on developing many distinctive styles & techniques in contemporary abstract arts, design, photography, interactive visual installations, paintings, sculptures & innovation.

Was first commissioned to create authentic automotive visual artwork for the world’s most famous and iconic Italian motorcycle brand “Ducati” in 2009 in Italy. This has greatly inspired him and started his professional art journey to create more artworks digitally & traditionally with explorative medium & self-developed unique techniques.

Donated Artwork: Paradise: Freedom & Happiness 

Description: Abstract visual of birds dancing gracefully in colourful land of paradise. Soaring in all direction demonstrating freedom and peace.

Acrylic on Canvas 

122 x 122 cm

Year: 2020, specially created for A Million Dreams 



Genevieve Ang stumbled upon clay at the age of 10 and is better known as gellyvieve because her friends used to poke fun at her by calling her jellyfish. 

She is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist who is architecturally trained, working across various disciplines, and finds comfort at the intersection of art & design. She believes in pursuing the middle point between art & design and seek out to create opportunities for play in the ambiguity of her works. 

On most days she sees herself as a toymaker, creating toys for the jaded souls and art in the mundane.

Donated Artwork: Dream

Description: Dream contemplates on consciousness. The sphere is squeezed and punctuat­ed with volumes illustrating the various forces at play on our being. Treading the thin, intangible line between awakenedness and deep slumber, the oppo­site facades of the sculpture depicts the two states.



Prashansa's styles range from contemporary to minimalist. Watercolours help an inner expression to flow. Her paintings reflect the subtle emotions that we experience in everyday life. She believes while the colors appeases the eyes, the art moves the soul.

Donated Artwork: Mother’s Love

Description: Mothers love is the purest form of love. Unconditional, always here before you. This monochrome watercolors painting reflects the intensity and the delicate nature of every mother's love. Gentle embrace is every child’s address forever.

Watercolor canvas

Size: 40 x 50 cms

Year: 2020